Academia or Industry?

See this article from the Science Careers (hat tip: ZapperZ)

Update: on the broader issue of leaving academia see also here, here, here, and here. There also is a fair number of blogs and web sites addressing this issue, for instance:

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2 Responses to Academia or Industry?

  1. That is a nice article. I think it is better to be in the industry for such research oriented work as you get to do something practical and see your results applied on a commercial scale. Instead of just dreaming big without understanding the commercial/practical aspects of the research that is being done like they do in the academia. But the latter is good if you want to do path breaking/ ground breaking research which might include several years and a lot of effort. That kind of projects may not get sanctioned in the industry.

    Destination Infinity

  2. […] Academia or Industry? (last update: June 6, 2009) […]

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