Too good to be stolen? My blog was plagiarized!

January 4, 2010

They say it’s some form of recognition but I respectfully doubt.  In my case some [your favorite expletive goes here] have just copied my post on choosing a research topic and put it here: plagiarizer's url(no clickable link folks, I am not going to improve their search engine ratings!!!). No slightest shade of fun in this for me, unlike, say, in the case of Scott Aaronson.

And that should have been a scientific blog (judging by the domain name)… Talk about plagiarism in science after that. Pathetic, isn’t it? Any suggestions as to what can one do about all this (remember, it’s a Chinese site, so I doubt that the standard things like writing them and asking to remove the content or contacting their ISP would be helpful)?

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