Career Advice from the Nobel Prize Winners

S. WeinbergScientist: Four golden lessons

R.P. FeynmanA Letter to a Former Student

(more advice from R.P.F. can be found in the book Feynman’s Rainbow by Leonard Mlodinow)  

J.D. WatsonSucceeding in Science: Some Rules of Thumb

(see also his book Avoid Boring People)

A. CiechanoverNuggets of Career Advice

The above materials make for an interesting comparison with the advice from the Fields medal winner Terence Tao.


4 Responses to Career Advice from the Nobel Prize Winners

  1. Adam says:

    Giving advice seems like our lecturing: we teach to learn a particular subject ourselves. The knowledge we pass to students not interested in research should be custom-fitted to no more than 9 people in a classroom. A comment about math olympiads: it has come to my attention that grading practices discourage partial solutions. This is fine for the production of people like Perelman, who seems satisfied with one big result. However, if a proof is considered as a pseudo-object, then by the anthropic principle it is impossible to produce a sequence of them to satisfy higher needs.

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  3. […] recommend the talk You and Your Research by Richard Hamming, and the advice from Terence Tao,  James D. Watson,  and Steven […]

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